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Healing Energy and the Stillness of Now

By Qtouch

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You can best experience Now Reiki by reading the book and listening to the meditations or listening to the complete audio course.

If you buy the book, it is not necessary to purchase any additional content to experience Now Reiki.

You may listen to the meditation music directly at: .

Or, .

Now Reiki Manual Complete:

Universal Energy and the Stillness of Now

Five Music Meditations including:

Chakra Activation Guided Meditation

Transformation Music Meditation

New Beginning Music Meditation

Attunement Music Meditation

Grounding Music Meditation

Includes Now Reiki Master Certificate

Download the entire ebundle for $19.95 here.

Includes book in pdf format and all the mp3 meditations.

Now Reiki Book and Meditations

link to ebook

Ebook $8.95

Paperback Now Reiki

Paperback $11.95

* Note the paperback, ebook and kindle versions do not include the music meditations - you may purchase them separately on CD or download mp3's from bandcamp. Or, just go to Qtouch and listen to them here.

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Audio Course on CD

Audio Course on 2 CD's